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Looking for the best handyman service? ChoreStop may be the one you are looking for. We can help you do more things around the home than you can list.


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Get Your Chores Done Perfectly with Our Handyman Service

Are you stuck with loads of household chores? Don't stress out yourself anymore. Chorestop is here with a wide range of handyman services. That, too, is in the most affordable price range.

Just name the tasks – e.g., plumbing, painting, or carpeting –our pro handyman will be there!

Why Choose Chorestop Handyman Services?

There are numerous people and families across the state who rely only on Chorestop for handyman service.

  • Well trained handyman personnel
  • The quickest response to your call
  • Solve your problem with utmost sincerity
  • Reasonable expertise in multiple fields
  • Maintain health and hygiene practice during service
  • Best price for the service
  • Dedicated 24/7 customer service
  • Offer personalized solution
  • Solve problems in the right way on the first try
  • Provide accurate information to avoid a similar problem later

To know more, get in touch with our service team. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Best Professional Handyman Services Near You

Chorestop always enlists the most decorated handyman service personnel. Whether it's for commercial handyman solutions or residential tasks, our handymen are experts in handling those.

The process is simple.

  • Sign up if you don't have an id already.
  • Log in if you have an id already.
  • Now you are just one click away from getting reliable handyman service.

So hire the respective pro handyman to resolve the common repairing and other tasks.

How Do Chorestop Handyman Services Work?

Chorestop handyman services work easily and systematically. Below is a step-by-step process of our service.

Choose Professional

Under the "Professional" tab, you can select the desired category. After choosing the desired service, you will find an available pro with brief details. Then follow the next step to proceed.

Chose Your Package

Chorestop offers various handyman subscription services. Take a few seconds to understand the packages. Select the package that is most suitable for your need. This shouldn't be a tough task to complete.

Discuss and Schedule Service

A representative from Chorestop will contact you shortly after the completion of the previous step. Discuss your problem with the representative. S/he will take notes to come prepared at your place.

After explaining your problem, schedule a service time at your convenience. Our pro handyman will be there on time without a miss.

Order and Payment

To solve your problem, you may, sometimes, need to buy various tools or repair materials. You can order them from ChoreStop.

To place an order, click on the "Shop" tab on the website. Select and proceed to buy. Payment is mandatory to confirm the purchase. You have more than one option to pay the bill.

Get Your Problem Solved

Once the pro handyman service provider arrives at your place, you will navigate toward the problem. After careful examination, the service personnel will start the solution process.

Our pro handyman takes adequate time to complete the solution process smoothly.

We are Reliable and Requested Handyman Service

ChoreStop has established itself as one of the finest handyman service providers across the state. We gladly assert that ChoreStop is one of the most requested handyman service providers currently.

Take a look at the below points to know why our service is reliable:

  • Virtual and real service
  • Rational second opinion
  • Taking accountability for our mistakes
  • One-stop solution for most household problems
  • Top-quality professional service
  • available at your preferred time
  • Rational pricing and service charges
  • Exclusive virtual assistance

We are strongly committed to solving your problems without any loopholes.

Hire a Professional Handyman Today!

Solve multiple problems with one-stop at ChoreStop! Don't think twice, contact us at your soonest to solve your problem faster.

Our online customer support is ready 24/7 to know your query.

To get your problem solved now, just choose any professional from the above list. You can even filter our professionals based on your preferences. Once you select the professional, now you can view their profile to see details and contact them. You have to choose one of our membership options to contact the respective professionals.

You can also use our E-fix service for more accessible service from ChoreStop. If you need direct help to solve your problem, use our service request feature. It will help you get the ultimate handyman service you need to solve those problems you're facing.

Frequently Asked Questions :

Is a Handyman Cheaper Than a Contractor?

Usually, the answer is yes. The handyman solves a tiny or medium problem or malfunction of household appliances or other services. On the other hand, a contractor has licensed personnel to renovate, rebuild or change the entire setup.

How Much Should I Pay a Handyman Per Hour?

It varies based on the nature of the task and time. Check the pricing on the website to get a comprehensive idea of that.

When Should I Expect My Professional to Get in Touch with Me?

You can expect to meet your pro handyman after completing consultation and purchasing the required tools from ChoreStop.com. The pro will reach you at the scheduled time.

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