Our fashion experts may be the new best friend you go to for new and trendy ideas, makeup looks, skin-care routines, the best beauty products, tips, hacks, and styles.

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En Vogue Fashion Consultancy Services to Keep You Trendy

Explore fashion in a new way. Get professional fashion advice, be trendy with fashion knowledge and create your signature fashion statement with us. Whether you want to improve or develop your image with fashion and styling, we'll help you set the bar high.

Set your status quo today!

Best Professional Consultancy Services Near Me

With decades of experience working diligently and soundly through generations of fashion trends, we know what precisely we bring to the table. The question is, how far are you willing to go and let your senses mingle to explore fashion with us?

If you are looking for a top-rated professional consultancy near you, look no further. You have landed in the right place.

We will change the outlook of your life entirely. Not only with our help will you have a more sophisticated wardrobe, but you will also gain an enormous amount of knowledge about fashion. This will help you both personally and professionally.

Why Chorestop Consultancy Services are Best?

Expert-matched Professionals

Our team of fashion consultants is renowned in the fashion industry. The team members are multitaskers with outstanding knowledge in fashion. They are confident, stylish, and outgoing, and this trio package creates the appeal, which makes clients feel right at home.

We Smile on You!

Every single one of our consultants builds a trustworthy and friendly bond with their clients. They learn about the client's personality, career, and lifestyle. This helps the consultants to create a personalized and signature fashion look for the clients and boost the overall charisma.

We Welcome All Levels

Besides the personal image, our team also aids in the cultivation of a professional or brand image. For newcomers in the world of fashion, our fashion consultants provide them with advices, tips, guidance. The former can confidently and easily navigate the fashion industry and leave an imprint.

How does Chorestop Consultancy Services Works?

Our fashion consultancy services are constantly being upgraded in order to keep up with the latest changes. While we help clients with fast fashion, we also provide services for various clienteles – including those who prefer sustainable or slow fashion.

Let us discuss our fashion consultants' standard procedure to build project and personal profiles per the client's requirements.

  • Choose Professional

In this first stage, you will be introduced and familiarized with our team of fashion consultants. You can look and browse through their previous work to get an idea. Once you have collected enough information, you can decide who you would like as your fashion consultant.

  • Choose Your Package

We offer an array of packages that you can choose from per your requirements. Each package is created with a specific group of clients and their ideal standard, as we discovered from our research. However, there is the option to customize the package to meet your vision.

  • Discuss & Schedule Service

A dialogue session will be set up with your fashion consultant to discuss the project in detail. Once the both of you draw up the final planning draft, a schedule for the services will be set up per your timeline.

  • Order & Payment

The next step is to finalize your order and pay the amount you are due. The fashion consultant fees and the bill will be drawn up in accordance with the package and service you will be receiving.

  • Get Your problem Solved

If you are facing any problem, we are here to help as much as you need. Do not think it is a done deal once you have received our services and paid for them. Our fashion consultants are more than happy to help you on any given day. So, do not hesitate to reach out.

Why We are Reliable and Reputed Consultancy Services Provider?

With more than three decades of experience in the world of fashion, we have built an image that is both attractive and sophisticated. We have successfully established a reputation for providing A-class fashion consultancy services in the country.

Our clienteles are some of the most successful names in the fashion industry, and many of them are up and coming. We protect their best interest as we want them to sustain and be successful in the long run.

Furthermore, to guarantee our fashion consultants are keeping up and are knowledgeable about every fashion era, we provide training sessions, workshops, external programs etc. Thus, you are in safe and stylish hands with us.

Get Chic and Valuable Fashion Consultancy Today

To get your problem solved now, just choose any professional from the above list. You can even filter our professionals based on your preferences. Once you select the professional, now you can view their profile to see details and contact them. You have to choose one of our membership options to contact the respective professionals.

You can also use our E-fix service for more accessible service from ChoreStop. If you need direct help to solve your problem, use our service request feature.

We also provide online fashion consultant, men's fashion consultant, seasonal fashion consultant and much more. So, without further delay, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions :

Are Fashion Consultants Cheaper than a Contractor is?

Generally speaking, fashion consultants are more expensive than contractors are. This is because fashion consultants are highly skilled and aim to fulfill targets and goals with a short period. While contractors' prices and skills vary but they are better for long-term projects and plans.

How Much Should I Pay a Fashion Consultant Per Hour?

The price range for fashion consultants varies depending upon several factors. Nevertheless, to give you an idea, usually, it will cost you anywhere from 50 USD to 500 USD per hour.

When Should I Expect My Professional to Get in Touch with Me?

Our fashion consultants will get back to you as soon as possible and within your given time. We are reliable and swift.

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