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Why These Pros Win More Jobs


Great profiles win more jobs. To prove it, ChoreStop partnered with dozens of pros to take their profiles from good to great. Here’s what three of those pros, music tutor Samantha Smith, builder Robert Watson, and plumber Patric Willson, learned about building a great profile — what they did right, what they learned not to do wrong and what it means for your ChoreStop profile.


What They're Doing Right


Here’s what Samantha, Robert and Willson learned in the process of transforming their ChoreStop profiles — and what you can take from the things they’re doing right.



Using a professional headshot on their ChoreStop profile

Pros with a headshot are at a major advantage when competing for jobs on ChoreStop. It’s the first thing a customer sees after submitting a request — and first impressions matter. “When you’re attached to a huge franchise like I am, people don’t realize how small my operation really is. Now, seeing me, they can connect the dots. Seeing a professional-looking face adds so much legitimacy,” says Robert.



Showing photos of their best, most relevant work

The photos and videos you include on ChoreStop should tell a story about your work—one that your target customers want to hear. Robert, Willson and Samantha rebuilt their media sections with photos and videos that are high quality, up to date and show off their very best work.



Completing ChoreStop's Q&A

For most customers, the decision about who to hire requires a lot of questions. ChoreStop gives you the opportunity to ask a lot of these up front in the Q&A section of your profile. According to Willson, “It’s also a good time to explain the details of my experience marrying couples, and to make it clear that I work with everyone — regardless of what you believe in or who you’re marrying.”



Taking a background check

Regardless of whether or not your industry requires licensing, ChoreStop pros with a background check on their profile are more likely to be hired — 44 percent more likely, on average. It’s something that customers look for. For this reason, Samantha, Robert and Willson renew their background checks (and get new profile badges) every year.



What it means for you


1. Take a professional-looking headshot.

2. Write or revisit your “About this pro” section.

3. Select photos and videos your customers want to see. 

4. Verify your license (if applicable) and get a background check.

5. Answer the questions your customers will ask.  

5. Ask previous customers for reviews. 

6. Ask current customers for reviews. 

7. Check your pro Insights report.

8. Follow-up with your customers.

9. Update your profile as you learn what your customer wants.



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