How It Works

Effective solutions provided by experts of ChoreStop guarantees the best solution for your problems.


With the moto to ensure 100% satisfaction of our clients, we ensure that our clients get the best service from us without putting much effort. Our fully digitalized service helps you get solutions for your issues without stepping a foot outside of your house.


From our diverse services you can easily find the one, you are looking for. All you have to do is get in touch and let us handle the rest. Our experts will help you out from beginning to end by carefully guiding you.


You can get exclusive deals and services by becoming our premium member at ChoreStop.


ChoreStop Ensures An Overall Solution for Any Chore in 3 Different Ways


1. Firstly, ChoreStop allows you to search for your desired professionals. You can find highly skilled professionals in you respective sector. You can search by your ZIP code and find nearby professionals.


You can choose from the hundreds of available gigs on ChoreStop. Highly skilled professionals has organized Gigs for certain tasks. You can choose one among them and follow the instructions.


Among many of our highly skilled professionals, you can hire the one you like. You can book an appointment or a gig with him/her. S/he will suggest you what to do and how to do. In some cases, you might need some tools to complete a task. Our experts will suggest or give you a list of the necessary things.



2. Once you done with the consultationor chosen your gig, you can move on to the next step which is purchasing the required tools. According to our experts’ suggestions, we have organized all the necessary items in our E-shop.


You can buy all the required items from ChoreStop E-shop. You do not have to worry about searching and collecting the necessary items. We offer all the items at a competitive price. Your items will arrive at your doorstep in no time.


To make your job more effortless, ChoreStop has introduced the e-shop. You can choose the tools from here and then buy from the third-party e-commerce sites. You can avail attractive discounts or deals from our e-shop by becoming a member of ChoreStop.



3. After you had your consultation with your preferred expert and purchased all the required tools from ChoreStop, now you might need assistance to complete the task. You can now hire professional by getting an appointment or choosing a specific time.


You can find different professional for different tasks at different price points. You can find one that helps you with what you are looking for. After choosing your expert, you can have a video conference, where s/he will assist you for a certain time.


Premium Features


By subscribing to our membership, you get access to our premium features. Being a subscriber, you can get more personalized service.


With a minimal subscription fee, you get huge benefits from ChoreStop. You get up to 75% discount on labor costs and discounts on purchasing necessary items.

Moreover, you will get access to blogs and forums, where you can be a part of the ChoreStop community and know about the latest updates, tips, and tricks on solving your problems.


Being a premium member, you get huge benefits on the service you get. You can get personalized service virtually. Our experts will guide you personally to fix any problem of yours.



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How it Works

Effective solutions provided by experts of ChoreStop guarantees the best solution for your problems.  ...

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