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You don't realize the importance of Plumbing in your daily life until there is a problem.

Plumbings integration made our everyday procedure very smooth. It enables a proper flow of our daily tasks. The significance of Plumbing is known to those who are in old households. In old houses, the plumbing issues are much common than the new ones.

Plumbing issue fixing can range from a lower amount to a higher amount of money. Cost depends on the severity of the case. Most of the problem is easily fixable. There are some tools and DIY methods for you to save yourself a couple of hundreds of dollars.

Today we will cover some of the common plumbing stoppages we face in our households. We will be focusing on some of the traditional methods for solving these issues.

We will also shed some light on the precautions to avoid these complications.

What is a Stoppage in Plumbing?

If we go for the plumbing stoppage definition, it will be "Blockage inside the pipeline that disrupts the ideal flow of liquids."

The water supposes to drain down through the plumbing exit. When it can not drain down properly, then the real problem appears. It can block some portion of the channel, and sometimes there is a complete blockage.

03 Most Common Plumbing Stoppage

We have to rely on running water every day in our daily workflow. A proper plumbing system controls the entry and exit of the whole water system in the households. From dishwashing sink to sewer line, the use application of Plumbing is almost everywhere.

These are the 03 common plumbing stoppages we often face.

Here you will get some idea of the most common cause of drain stoppages.

1. Slow Drainage Sink

Well, at some point, you may notice that the water is not draining properly from your kitchen sink. Or sometimes the water stops draining of the sink.  You cannot overlook this problem anyhow.

When you see such a problem, you should immediately solve it. If you persist with the issue for long, it will worsen day by day.

Food remnants such as potato peels and other elements that do not wash away easily in the running water can cause sink stoppage. Sometimes hair and soap can get stuck on the water exit.

To avoid this complication, do not wash something in the sink which can block the outgoing water. Clean the uneaten food from the plates and pots before placing them on the sink for washing.

Try to keep a regular check. It will be very beneficial if you use a drain guard to catch the problematic substances.

A drain guard will help you clean the mess faster, and there is less chance of any internal clog. It is an instant process to clean the sink exit regularly.

How to Fix a Sink Stoppage?

Fixing a sink stoppage may not need a plumber. You can give your first try with a plunger. In most cases, using a plunger is the solution.

Sometimes you have to use clog remover to dissolve the clog. A homemade remedy for DIY clog remover is Baking Soda + Vinegar. You can also use chemical remover from your nearest store. You can keep one in your house for regular cleaning.

A plumber's snake is an easy tool to reach the inside of a sink pipe.
If the problem is not solved with the plunger and clog remover, you might want to give the Plumber's Snake a try. There can be hair and other elements inside blocking the channel. Plumbers snake can reach those clogs.

2. Clogged Bath or Shower Drain

A clogged shower is a bit similar to a sink stoppage. Generally, soaps and clogs of hair create a shower stoppage.

Some of us may have hair fall problems. During a shower, hair gets drained with water and eventually gets clogged after a while. Try to clean the fallen hair after showering, which will help you in the long run. Often some remnants of soap can block the draining path.

Using a drain guard can help you prevent the problem. A clogged shower drain does not get severe in most cases. You can easily fix the problem.

How to Fix Clogged Shower Drain?

A Plunger should solve the problem quickly. Clogged hairs are hard to remove. So, you can use Plumber's snake for that.
In few cases, you may need clog removal solutions. Clog removal can come in handy anytime. Storing one in your household will be a good choice.

3. Sewer Stoppage

Sewer stoppage is an emergency issue. We can get along with the other plumbing stoppages, but there is no compromise about the sewer problem.

There are several causes of a clogged sewer. A sign of a stoppage can be a toilet that won't flash, a foul smell, sewer coming through the outside channel.  This issue is the worst nightmare that someone can ever have.

A sewer stoppage needs professionals inspections.

Common Causes for Sewer Problem

A sewer stoppage can occur due to several issues. Here are the most common ones.

Flushing Something Inappropriate

You should avoid flushing something that won't disintegrate in water. Tissues are soft and degradable substances and mix in water properly. Avoid items that contain plastic. Plastic items damage the sewer pipeline in the long run. Damage may not be identifiable for a while, but it will have significant damage when it appears.

If you accidentally flush something, try to remove it or seek professional help in the removal process.  Keeping that inside can create significant blockages. 

Root Infiltration

The tree roots from your yard may grow inside the sewer pipeline. If they grow inside the area, they can cause more damages apart from stoppage.  You may end up having an open channel at the affected end.

An open part can spill out the waste outside the pipe's pathway. This opening leads to a foul-smelling environment.

Filled Septik Tank

If you live in a house for quite a while, the problem can occur from the septic tank. The filled tank stops the exit of your toilet. So, you end up having a clogged toilet.

It would be best if you had a professional to resolve this extensive problem. As there are professionals for doing the task, we should seek their help. And on top of that, this is a vast and dirty removal process.

How to Fix Sewer Blockage?

In this case, you might require a plumber. If you can understand and diagnose the problem, then you can use a drain auger cleaner. A plunger may help in some simple cases.

In this particular problem, it is better to reach out to a professional.  A plumber can apply the best-suited solution by diagnosing a plumbing stoppage.

This one is an emergency issue, so if you don't understand the problem, then there is a higher chance that you will screw up. Eventually, you will go to a plumber with a more complicated version of the problem.

How to Avoid a Plumbing Stoppage?

A plumbing stoppage can lead you to several complications. You may discover a flooded home after coming back from outside due to a clogged sink. This is an absolute nightmare. A flooded kitchen and home can create damage to your household chores.

Prevention is always better than cure. You should run a regular check to avoid any future complications. With some precautions, you can avoid plumbing stoppages.

Remove Root Destruction

Roots can grow inside your mainline and create stoppage. Roots keep growing inside the line and eventually blocks the waste product to drain down to the septic tank. If you have recently cut a tree near your sewer line, ensure the adequate removal of roots.

A toilet stoppage is definitely a state of emergency. So if there is a chance of roots growing inside the pipe, try to remove them.

Have the Lines Inspected Regularly

When you discover your plumbing system is not draining the water as it should, try to diagnose the problem and solve it. Keeping the situation as it is for a while will make it much worse, and you will need to seek professionals to help resolve the issues.

Regular inspections will keep you away from issues.

Know Which Item Should Not Go Down the Drain

The leading cause of plumbing stoppage is the blocking elements. If they can not go down the drain, they get stuck inside, creating a blockage. When you are using the kitchen sink, remove the uneaten foods before washing. 

Try to use a draining guard to avoid the formation of any clog.

Use insulation During Winter

If you have an exposed pipe outside of your home, it may freeze during the winter season. As the ice takes more space than the water, you may find fractures on the pipe during extreme cold. In the worst-case scenario, there will be a burst in the pipeline. 

Try to use insulation during the winter to avoid these severe issues.

How to Find a Good Plumber?

If you are having plumbing issues, you should seek a professional's help. Some problem requires plumbers investigation.
If you are dealing with or will deal with plumbers, you should give the necessary information about the issue.
You can follow these tips to find a good plumber in your locality.

Look for a Well-established Company

Choosing an established service provider is a good choice over choosing someone new at a lower price. Brand value is a must-have thing for a good quality of service.  The company's fame will speak for itself.

Ask a Tradesperson You are Satisfied With

You may have some tasks done by your local handyman or electrician. People in this sort of trade business often know each other and can give the best suggestion for seeking a professional.

If you have someone whose task was satisfactory, ask them to recommend a professional and reliable one in your locality.

Ask your friend and family

This is another excellent way to find a reliable professional. There is a chance that someone from your friend or family has gone through the same situation.

Take their valuable recommendations to find a tradesperson. Ask them about their reliable person for this sort of problems.

Look for a trusted company

There are not many companies you can trust.  The trusted ones are those whose name repeats in people's conversation and recommendation.

Try to reach those companies that have a good customer review and a great satisfaction rate.


Plumbing stoppages can create some emergency issues sometimes. First, you should diagnose the problem correctly.  If it is solvable by one of the DIY methods, you can fix the problem on your own.

If the problem is out of control, you should bring in a plumber to diagnose and solve the problem in a more professional manner. Choose a plumber wisely as you will not be dealing with the same problem again and again.

Keep your regular check ongoing to avoid future fixing costs. Take precautions to prevent any plumbing stoppages.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Let us get some answers to the frequently asked questions on the Plumbing stoppage.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How Do You Know If Your Main Line is Clogged?

If you discover slower water drainage in any of your plumbing areas or foul smell, particularly for a sewer line, it is because of a clogged pipe.

How Much Does a Plumber Cost to Unclog a Mainline?

It varies depending on the particular problem. The minimum amount plumbers charge is around 60$, and it can go up to the maximum of 3000$.

What Do Plumbers Use to Unclog Pipes?

Plumbers usually use drain augers or snakes to unclog a pipe. For the simple problem, they try clog removal solutions and plungers.

How Long Does It Take to Fix the Mainline Stoppage?

Well, it depends on what's causing the problem. Easy fixes are instants ones. As the issue gets complicated, it consumes more and more time.

What is a Stoppage in Plumbing?

The word stoppage refers to the state of being stopped. In this case, the water at the state of being stopped inside the pipeline is called a plumbing stoppage.

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