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How to repair chain link fence? We will explain everything you need to know and understand about it. United States homeowners are often using chain link fences to divide the backyard and neighborhood. Chain links usually last longer and are also environmentally friendly. However, lasting longer does not mean it does not need to get repaired as well.

The chain-link fence is very easy to repair and does not even need many tools or parts. Additionally, chain links are fixable at home, or some contractors can help as well. Let’s get to know more about chain link fence repair.

Beginner’s Guide on How to Repair Chain Link Fence: DIY

If you are a beginner, keep in mind to be safely equipped. But what to use and how to fix them quickly?

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How to Repair Top and Bottom Rail


  • Measurement tape
  • New rails
  • Wire ties
  • Pliers
  • Reciprocating saw
  • Wrench

How to Repair Chain Link Fence - Step by Step Guide

  1. At first, using a measuring tape against old rail ends to note the diameter. The diameter has to be perfect in size to get replaced
  2. According to the measured diameter, get new rails
  3. At the top rail, use a plier to twist the wires anticlockwise to remove wires from the fence
  4. Find the damaged part to cut it, which can be done by reciprocating the saw. The process is risky, so it is better to take help from someone. It is essential to pull out the damaged part completely
  5. Then, figure out the new rail and mark it. One side of the rail will be tapered, and the other side will be non-tapered.
  6. At any corner, slide the new rail and place it over the tapered side. The tapered side of the new one can is attached to the existing side.
  7. Through wire ties, stick the fence to the top after connecting the chains.
  8. Hola! The chain-link fence is as new as before!

How to Repair Chain Mesh

Required Tools

  • Pliers
  • Wire ties
  • Chain-link fabric
  • Measuring tape
  • Chain mesh roll
  • 24-inch wire tie
  • Come-along tool

Repairing Chain Mesh: Step by Step Guide

  1. At first, remove the wire ties from the top rails using a plier. You can reuse the wire ties if they are not broken or rusted.
  2. Find out the damaged wire and set aside the good ones by starting from the bottom end
  3. Pull the damaged wires from the top ends using a plier. Wires will get stuck again, so use a plier again to twist and clear out the space
  4. Chain link fabrics are sold in stores. To fix a bigger space, take a roll and, using a measuring tape, mark it. For a smaller space, old wires can be used from old fence
  5. Connect the old and new mesh using wire ties.
  6. Start from the bottom rail and diagonally wrap the new mesh with the old one. The pattern would look like a diamond, and continue the process till you reach the top rail.
  7. After reaching the top rail, take a 24inch wire tie and secure it.
  8. Finally, take a come-along tool and attach it at the bottom and top rail. The chain link mesh is tightened and ready for use!

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Chain Link Fence: Repairing Cost

Chain link fence repairing has different types, so the prices of these vary as well. In most cases, the average cost is $478 but ranges from $274 to $698. If you are willing to hire someone, the price might be $15 per hour per professionals would charge around $25 to $50. On the other hand, DIY kits are top-selling in stores that cost less than $200. 

Some of the damages of chain link fence are:

  • Drooping post
  • Hardware missing
  • Damaged links
  • Rusty rails or mesh

Hardware Missing

If any hardware is missing in a chain-link fence, the cost depends on the type. Usually, the hardware costs a range of $100 to $500.

Drooping Post

If the chain link fence is drooping, there is no extra hardware needed. Concrete lasts longer and makes bases stronger. We need to dig around and put concrete to put it back in place. The additional charge will be required only for concrete and labor (if hired).

Rusty or Damaged

While repairing, if links or rails are damaged or rusted, they completely need to be changed. In such cases, new rails or ties need to get them fixed. So, the charge would be for the new links or rails and labor (if hired).

In cases of chain link mesh, they need to buy completely new to get replaced. The mesh needed to be longer than the actual size and needed more while getting stretched. So, the cost is comparatively more than other repairing costs. In total, the cost will be required for the new mesh and labor (if hired).

Top 7 Tips to Repair a Chain-link Fence

Repairing a chain-link fence is not easy. It would be best if you kept in mind a few essential tips.

  1. Make a List of Required Materials: before starting the repair, it is essential to list everything needed. In case something is needed, you can go ahead and get it before starting to work.
  2. Gather Required Equipment: before starting to repair the fence, take a list and check whether all the necessary equipment is ready
  3. Measure Correctly: if the mesh or links are getting changed, measure the rails correctly.
  4. Removing Wire Ties First: make sure to remove the wire ties at the beginning.
  5. Marking: while measuring, place the rails on top of each other and mark accordingly. You can use pencils or markers to make a spot.
  6. Checking the Posts: People often tend to forget the bars, and later, the damage worsens. So, check the post to help yourself save money
  7. Checking Chain Link Fence: maintaining a chain-link fence is challenging, but it is easy to check once a month. So, keep checking the fences before the damage turns into a disaster!

Hire an Expert

Knowing about all the work that requires fixing the damage, you might change your mind to DIY the chain link fence repair and start to search “chain link fence repair near me.” Search no more! Chorestop is just the place you are thinking of! Check out the website for more details.

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In the United States, it is very common to use a chain-link fence. As a parent, chain link is best to keep toddlers and pets safe. However, it is very tough to maintain a chain-link fence and costly too. So, the best thing to do is check the fences once a month to know when chain link fence repair is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Chain Link Fence?

In most cases, the average cost is $478 but ranges from $274 to $698

How Do You Repair a Chain Link Fence?

There are two ways to repair a chain-link fence: taking the help of experts or DIY the damage.

How Do You Replace a Small Section of a Chain Link Fence?

It can be replaced by removing the damaged part and sliding a new one with it.

How Do You Fix a Loose Chain Link Fence Post?

A loose chain link fence post is fixable by using concrete.

How Do You Secure the Bottom of a Chain Link Fence?

A Come-along tool and wire ties are used to secure the bottom of a chain-link fence.

Should Chain Link Fence Touch the Ground?

No, because the fence would get easily damaged.

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