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Are you trying to find a DIY guide on How to remove crayons from the wall? If you are, this is the right place on the internet for you. We will share the easiest DIY guide for removing crayons from the wall. If you don't have the time or don't have time to do it, please get a second opinion from our professionals. We also have professional handymen who can solve your problem properly.

Usually, crayon is used for making any sketches or drawing on paper or board. While working with crayons, it is quite common that you may mess up with those. And this problem usually occurs among artists. Also, sometimes it is done by the young children when they try to make a piece of art with crayons.

Regardless, what the situation is. If there are some marks by crayon on the wall surface. Then it may be troublesome for some people. If you do not know how to remove all those marks, you may wonder how to remove crayon spots from the wall. In order to remove those spots or marks, you have to follow certain directions and procedures.

Here in this writing, we will discuss the best way to get crayons off walls. Keep reading the entire article to know how you can do that.

How to Remove Crayon from Wall?

If you find out any marks or spots of crayon on your wall. Then you shouldn't be worried about that. Because there are several ways and techniques by which you can remove those spots from the wall. The process of removing crayons is very simple and easy if you know how to do that.

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First and foremost, you need some removal material and equipment. Then depending on the spots or Marks, you need to use it properly. Some most common ways to remove or clean crayons from the wall by using different materials are given in the following:

1. Removing Crayons by Using Baking Soda

This is one of the most common techniques to clean crayons from the wall because you can remove the crayon from the wall very easily by using baking soda. If you spot any crayon marks on your wall. Then you need to follow a certain process. And it would be best if you had a damp rag.

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Then simply put that damp rag in the baking soda. And gently rub it in the mark areas. Just try to rub in a circular motion. You may need to repeat the whole process for a few minutes. But after a few repeating, you will be able to remove the crayon from the wall.

2. Removing Crayon by Using Dish Soap and Vinegar

If you want to know how to remove crayons from the wall using dish soap and vinegar, you can learn it here. This is another very effective way to remove the crayon from the wall. First and foremost, you need to make a combo of these two substances. In order to make a mixture, you need to have 1 cup of normal water, 2 teaspoons of dish soap, and 1 cup of vinegar. After that, you have to prepare the mixture.

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After making the combo, you need to apply it properly and in the right place. Just take a little piece of a damp rag. Then dip it in the liquid combo. And apply it to the crayon area you want to remove. The acidic notion of vinegar helps to remove the wax bonds of the crayon. This is how basically the mixture of dish soap and vinegar removes the crayon from the wall.

3. Getting Crayon Off Wall by Using WD-40

usually, WD-40 is a spray substance that removes any marks or stains very effectively. WD-40 is made in such a way that its acidity does not damage any fabrics or any fancy wall cover. Also, this is a straightforward and cheap way to remove crayons from the wall.

That is why most people choose WD-40 to remove the crayon over any other options. There is a certain way to apply the WD-40. Usually, it comes in a bottle with a spray nozzle. So, you can easily apply it to your wall. While applying the spray, take a simple damp rag and gently rub it in the marked area. This is how you can able to remove the crayon from the wall.

4. Removing Crayons by Using Toothpaste

Here's another way to learn one of the best ways to remove crayons from walls fast. When you are in a rush or hurry, you do not have enough time to go over all the other processes and procedures. In that case, you can utilize the material you have in your house, such as Toothpaste. Toothpaste is a prevalent thing that every household has. You can also use Toothpaste to remove crayons.

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To apply it, you may need a brush. Just take a small proportion of Toothpaste on your brush. Then simply scrub in the marked area. After applying the paste, you will see the crayon will start disappearing. After that, rinse the wall with clean water.

5. Removing Crayons by Using Mayonnaise

Another simple way to get rid of the crayon is by using Mayonnaise. The usage is very simple and easy. Anyone can do the process by themselves. All you have to do is to take some mayonnaise at your fingertips. And then, you need to rub some mayonnaise in the area you want to apply.

Then wait a few minutes until it soaks the Mayonnaise. After that, take a clean damp cloth. And remove the extra Mayonnaise. This is how basically you can remove the crayon by using the Mayonnaise.

6. Removing Crayons by Using Erasers

As we know that there are various types of crayons out there, some crayons are like pens and pencils. So if there are any marks or spots by the crayon, you can simply remove them by using an eraser. But if it is on painting. It would be best not to use erasers on it because it can ruin the whole paintings.

Also, sometimes people may get confused about what type of erasers they should use. The answer is, the basic pencil eraser can do the job. Sometimes, you can also use the artist's gum erasers for better results. There is another type of eraser that you will find in the market. That eraser is also known as a magic eraser. These types of erasers are designed to remove the crayon marks or spots from the unwanted place.

7. Removing Crayon by Using Steel Wool

Steel wools are usually used to clean the dishes. You can also use it to remove the crayon. But it is not a good option for all time because the rusty surface of steel wool can damage the wall. That is why, if you are using the steel wool to remove the crayon. It would be best if you were very careful while using.

You should gently rub the steel wool in the area you want to remove. Try to scrub in a circular motion. Then you will see the result instantaneously.

The Bottom Line

Any type of strain or marks on the wall can be very stressful and annoying. Then again, sometimes, unfortunately, we end up with some strain on our wall while working with crayons. So, in order to remove those stains or marks, you should follow certain procedures.

You can simply follow the techniques mentioned above to remove those strains if you are still confused about the ways and procedures. You can seek help from any professionals. Hopefully, this writing will help you understand how to remove Crayon from Wall.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How Do You Remove Crayon Residue?

You can easily remove the crayon residue by washing it with warm or hot water. Some tines, when the marks or strains are so hard, you can also use soaps or detergent to remove the crayon. Sometimes dry cleaning with a machine will also help to remove the crayon residue.

How Do You Get Crayon Off Walls Without Removing Paint?

There are several ways to get crayons off walls without removing the paint. It would help if you kept in mind that you have to use normal substances that will not destroy the wall paint. For example, you can use toothpaste, Mayonnaise, or erasers to remove it.

Will Magic Eraser Remove Crayon from Wall?

Yes, definitely. Magic eraser is designed for removing the crayon from the wall. It is a very easy and convenient way to remove the crayon. Also, it is very cheap so that you can use it anytime, anywhere.

How Do You Remove Crayon from Walls with Mayonnaise?

Just take some mayonnaise at your fingertips. Then apply it to the area you want to remove the crayon. After that, you need to take a damp cloth. Then gently rub it in a circular motion. After repeating the process for few minutes, you can see the result.

How Do You Get Crayon Off Flat Paint?

In order to remove the crayon from the flat paint wall, you should not use any highly acidic material or substances. Or else you can ruin the whole painting. You can simply use the toothpaste or WD-40 to get the crayon off from a flat paint wall.

How Does Baking Soda Remove Crayon from Clothes?

First and foremost, you need to make a paste out of the baking soda. You can use warm water to make that paste. Then it would help if you took a damp cloth. And apply that to the wall. Try to scrub in a circular motion with the help of a damp cloth. This is how you can easily remove the crayon by using baking soda. However, if you want to know how to remove crayon from wall, read the above article carefully.

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