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How much does plumbing cost for a new house? Plumbing is a crucial part of a new construction or even remodeling. All the pipelines are integral parts of a house. So, if you are building a new house, plumbing costs can become a headache for you.

But it does not have to be a complication if you have access to a plumbing installation cost calculator. How much does plumbing cost for a new house? The answer to that depends on several factors.

Let’s have a discussion on plumbing costs for a new house. But before that, we will look into ways you can determine the overall plumbing expenses. If you need any expert help, ChoreStop's plumbing experts are here to solve your problem.

How Much Does Plumbing Cost for a New House?

Apart from the mentioned factors, plumbing for a new house also depends on other things. They can be labor costs, house layouts, number of house stories, etc.

If you are doing rough-in plumbing work, the costs will be lower. The rough-in plumbing cost involves only installing and connecting the pipes. For this, you can expect to spend from $3,500 to $10,000.

For example, the cost for plumbing a 1,500 sq ft house could be less than $15,000. But the costs will vary depending on the number of bathrooms. A house with 2 to 3 bathrooms will have higher costs. But a 2,000 sq ft house with 2 bathrooms can have lower plumbing costs.

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Let's try to understand how much does plumbing cost for a new house a bit more.

Per Square Foot Cost of Plumbing a New House

Plumbing installation costs for a new house have a specific average. A large house plumbing project can cost you $4.50 per sq ft. But you must remember that this is just a national average to estimate final costs. The number of bathrooms and fixtures will determine the cost to plumb a house more than the size of the house.

Cost of Plumbing a Mobile Home

Mobile homes mean smaller size houses. Even if they are new, you will incur low costs in plumbing new mobile homes. The estimated costs of plumbing a new small home can be between 2,000 to 4,000 USD.

Mobile homes are quite different from regular houses. As a result, plumbing costs can vary depending on unique factors. For instance, mobile homes have plumbing on the floor instead of behind the walls. Thus, plumbers will have fewer complications working with pipes in a mobile home. And in return, the costs will be lower as well.

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Factors Affecting Plumbing Costs for a New House

The plumbing cost for a new house depends on several factors. Every plumber takes them into account before estimating a final cost.

Here are 4 factors that you should keep in mind before calculating plumbing costs for a new house.

The Size of Your Home

The home size is calculated by linear methods or by square foot units. Size is the first determinant of plumbing costs. But it certainly is not the most impactful one.

Evidently, the cost of plumbing a 3-bedroom house will cost more than a small single-bedroom apartment. The location of the house also matters here. If your house is situated in a high-demand area, the costs will be higher.

The bigger the house, the more the cost of plumbing a house per square foot will be. You will require more pipes, more labor, and more fixtures. Thus, the expenses will keep on rising.

The Total Number of Available Water Fixtures

The primary function of plumbing is to connect water pipes with different devices at home. We are definitely not talking about electronic or mobile gadgets. Devices include water heaters, faucets, showers, sinks, and others.

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If the “other” in the list is more, the costs will be more. This means that the more devices there are to connect pipes, the higher the new plumbing cost will be.

Companies often charge around $3,500 to $10,000 for each device plumbing works. It can vary significantly from brand to brand. But fixture is a vital consideration to calculate plumbing costs.

The Plumbing Materials You are Using

The most common factor is the materials you use for plumbing. Famous and high-end products will cost you more. Conversely, local products will be much cheaper. The most common pipe people use is the polyethylene (PEX) pipe.

Depending on the size of the house, you might have to spend between $5,000 to $21,000 on PEX pipes. They are durable and last long. Yet, PEX pipes can break under UV lights.

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Another material you can use is copper pipe. It is much stronger than PEX pipes. And this also makes copper pipes much costlier than PEX pipes. The plumbing expenses can go up to $26,000 when using copper pipes.

Excavations Needed for the New House

Excavations are important for building a new house. It means connecting the pipes with the sewer lines and city tanks. All these can increase the final costs.

The more works you need for excavation, the higher will be the cost. Thus, it would be best if you projected everything before construction begins.


The cost to redo plumbing in a house can vary greatly depending on several factors. If you want to do complete plumbing work, it can cost you around $25,000. But just redo works or rough-in works can minimize the costs. This can cut the costs to less than $15,000 for you.

At the end of the day, the costs depend on the overall fixture works. The more work there is, the higher will be the final bill. And like always, there are some plumbing works that you can do yourself. This will cut costs significantly. We hope now you have understood how much does plumbing cost for a new house. We have explained everything you need.

Frequently Asked Questions :

How Do I Estimate Plumbing?

Estimating plumbing costs can save you from a lot of trouble. Follow these steps to estimate plumbing: • Calculate the square foot size of the house, • Figure out the materials needed for plumbing, • Consider the rough-in plumbing expenses, • Think about the excavations needed, • Breakdown the final costs,

Why Do Plumbers Charge So Much?

Plumbing is a highly skilled and experienced job. It is an expensive service due to the time, skillset, and materials required to complete the tasks. Plumbers spend a lot of time fixing the pipeline of the house. Thus, they charge a formidable amount of money for their services.

How Much Does It Cost to Plumb a New Bathroom?

On average, it can cost you a little more than $5,000 to plumb a new bathroom. Depending on the sink, toilet, faucet, shower, other fixtures, the cost can range between $2,000 to $10,000.

How Long Does It Take Replumb a House?

A replumbing can take several days to complete. Sometimes, it can even take several weeks for a new house. But the good thing is that you can keep using the sinks, toilets, and showers during the plumbing works.

Is It Worth It to Re-pipe a House?

Repiping a house is worth it when you are selling the house. It will significantly increase the final value of your house. And you will also attract more buyers.

Can You Plumb Your Own House?

Plumbing your own house is not impossible at all. You can cut a high amount of cost from plumbing your own house. But it would be best if you remembered that the DIY project requires great expertise and skillset.

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