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This pandemic has taught us that it is good to master some home handyman services because you never know when you get stuck at home and require some help that may simply not be available. Having a good grip on few home handyman services is a survival skill that everyone should acquire.

14 Handyman Services You Need to Know for Your Home

This article aims to focus on 14 handyman services you need to know for your home just to be on the safe side.

1. Leaking Plumbing

Knowing how to fix leaky tubs, showers, sinks, and faucets is a major skill for anyone living in any type of house. In most cases, the solution is to replace it. That being said, there are a few hacks that can save you some money and fix that water leakage permanently.

When it comes to plumbing, The details may differ based on what you are dealing with. For example, tub or faucet, but the fundamental ways are pretty much the same.

2. Applying Fresh Coats of Paint

Painting a wall may seem like a very easy thing to do, but painting the right way is something hard to master. Prepping the wall, covering your furniture, taping the electric outlets and the edges, and painting with appropriate strokes in shapes of M and W is what makes the job well done.

Knowing a proper way to do it will give a clean finishing every time you paint without ruining anything else in your room.

3. Unclogging A Drain

When it comes to unclogging a drain, one must know a few hacks and tricks for the worst-case scenarios. For example, baking soda and hot water or vinegar may just be the right solution for you. However, if that does not work, you can try using a plunger. You might want to start with filling up half of the sink with water and using the plunger you would normally use.

4. Repairing Deck

Almost 20% of all American homes have outdoor areas with them, and maintaining the deck is the residents’ responsibility. So in situations like the lockdowns, knowing how to repair the deck is simply important.

Deck maintenance is usually a yearly chore. One has to patch and repair some of the damaged materials and paint them to match them with the rest. It is a simple job that requires a proper procedure. Once understood, you will not have to pay someone else for it every year.

5. Knowing AC Maintenance

Air Conditioner requires constant maintenance, which can get quite expensive as well. Knowing if your air conditioner is functioning properly is a simple process that can save you a lot of hassle and time. For example, keeping the condensate line clean and checking the drain pan for cracks and leaks regularly will ensure your AC runs properly and save you the trouble of calling for help constantly.

6. Repairing Doors

Like floors and walls of your home, your door needs maintenances and repairs from time to time as well. In most cases, the most common problem with doors is their hinges need tightening up. If you know the hacks, fixing the door hinges is insanely easy.

Another common issue with doors is changing the doorknob, which is not even an issue for someone who owns a toolbox and knows how to use it.

7. Assembling Furniture

Every time you get yourself a new piece of furniture, you need to tone down the excitement when the time of assembling comes. Why let pleasure turn into stress? If following a series of explicit instructions to build a new piece of furniture is an option, paying someone else to do it for you is just a waste of money.

8. Changing Furnace Filter

Furnace filters usually need to be changed within the span of every three months, sooner if you have pets shedding heavily or if you smoke in your home.

The entire process starts with removing the vent cover, following the screen's note and the direction they are pointing, replacing the old filter with the new filter facing the right direction, and putting the vent cover back on.

9. Repairing Drywall

After a certain point seeing dents, holes, moisture damage, and dings in your drywall may make you frustrated, but the solution is not that hard.

Small holes and nail pops dents in drywall are simply fixed by taping and spackling over the impaired area, using sandpaper over it, and repainting over it. Understand the job is not hard, but doing it in a way that is not visible whatsoever is tricky.

10. Setting up Smart Appliance

If the pandemic has taught us anything, that is, we largely depend on the smart appliance we are surrounded with. Gadgets like smart thermostats, robot vacuums, video doorbells, sensor lights, and virtual assistants work to make our lives easier. Therefore, knowing how to set them up, how they work, and their key and extra features fall within the chores of the owner.

11. Replacing A Tile

If a tile on the floor is broken, fixing it before it causes a bigger problem is a necessity. To change a tile, you need to put heat on the loose tile and its surrounding area to loosen its adhesive and take it out; clean the area before applying a new layer of adhesive on the gap and the back of the tile and simply place the tile.

You can use something heavy to press the tile into the right place and get rid of any air bubbles and extra adhesive on or around the tile.

12. Replacing a Toilet Seat

Changing a toilet seat may be the easiest one of the lot, yet it is the one we ask for help for mostly. To change a toilet seat, you only need to understand and follow the process.

You need to open the bolt caps, get around the toilet seat to the securing nut with an adjustable wrench, unscrew the bolts, and switch the old toilet seat with the new one. Make sure the new seat is aligned and attached properly.

13. Fixing A Broken Window

Being able to fix a broken window is a must-have skill as it puts security and comfort at stake. In most situations, repairing the window is as simple as buying a new glass and installing it on the frame. But even for that, you need to know what type of window it is and what type of glass it needs.

14. Changing A Faulty Outlet

Smoke, charring, and getting warm indicate that your outlet is faulty and needs to be replaced. The process is pretty simple, but there are some precautionary steps required even before starting the process. Knowing the basic electrical work always comes in handy.


Knowing these 14 home handyman services will keep you aware of what goes on in your home and will keep you prepared in situations like the lockdown. Knowing these and not having to apply them in real life may not be as bad as not knowing but having to apply them in your life.

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